Helen May Glickenstein strongly supports creativity. She recommends artists she feels are undervalued. She also supports them by purchasing their work outright and showing the work. Her clients pay a reasonable price. They believe in supporting the individual artist and helping them succeed. In these hard economic times, Helen will not take unfair advantage of either client or artist. She started her business in 1975 and knows how to make your money go farther in framing and where one should not cut corners.Being an educator for 12 years, Helen won’t manipulate a client to make a purchase. The experience has to be fun! The artwork, photographs, or whatever gives off energy in your home or office. You have to love it each time you look at it and if you purchase a piece someone else talked you into–it backfires.

Helen has been travelling around the world the last few years and has found some exciting artists in Australia,and Malaysia.